Gardenland Hours

Monday through Friday        8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday:     8:00 am to 4:00 pm
   July 15 through March - please call for Saturday hours
Sunday:     Closed


  1. Gardenland Special.......Oh my gosh my print has shrunk so I sure hope you can read this without a magnifying glass. I can't believe June is just about over with, but before it is I should tell you who our Father's Day Drawing winners are. These fine gentlemen won one of 3 gift certificates to Gardenland: 1st place winner of a $50 gift certificate is Doug Done of Pilger, NE, 2nd place winner of a $35 gift certificate to Gardenland is Richard Norgard of Wisner, NE and 3rd place winner of a $25 gift certificate to Gardenland is Bernie Ruskamp also of Pilger,NE. Congratulations to you guys and we hope these made your Father's Day a little better.  Now this weekend we have our 54th annual Czech Festival here in Clarkson. I think town needs a little more sprucing up, so we are having a BOX SALE on our pack annuals and individual and pack vegetables. Bring in any size box as long as you can carry it out to your vehicle and fill it full of wonderful flowers and veggies......ALL FOR $20! Yes that's right $20! What a deal! 4.5" geraniums are on all sale for $3.95 each(regularly $4.95 each). Our 4" mixed annual pots and Proven Winners are all $2 each and they were $3.95 each. We still have some nice 10" white hanging baskets for $8 each and they were $14.95!!!! Lots of deals...come in and snatch them up. Make our little city look absolutely spectacular for the festival. Remember June 19th was our last Sunday open for the season and do call ahead for Saturday hours because we will be shortening those after June too. If the days are over 90 degrees we will be closing at 3 p.m. We don't want our customers to suffer in a 100+ greenhouse plus we get pretty tired of it too. Hope to see you all at the Festival this weekend.....Vitame Vas.....We welcome you!