Gardenland Hours

Monday - Friday:      8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday:   8:00AM to 4:00PM
   July 15 through March - please call for Saturday hours
Sunday:   1:00PM to 5:00PM (April through June)

Gardenland Specials

Our Fall sale has begun on trees,shrubs and perennials.Trees and shrubs are 40% off the original price and if you buy 3 or more you get another 10% off your entire order. Perennials are also on sale, so hurry in for the best selection! Our #1 Nursery pots and 6" perennials are $4.00 off the original price, 18's and quarts are $3.00 off and 3" perennials are $2.25 each or $70 a flat. The higher priced 3" perennials are $2.00 off the original price.

Last winter proved to be devastating to a lot of landscape areas, so now is the time to determine what to put back in those bare areas to fill out your landscape design to its original beauty. Lawns also need to be rejuvenated now to give you the best possible yard next Spring.

With our strange weather the last few years we strongly suggest making sure all your landscape plants are thoroughly watered before the first hard killing frost this fall. It wasn't just the winter dryness that killed plant material, but the drought in 2012 that had ill effects on quite a few species of plants this year. Stress does strange things to plants as well as people, so let's try and help our landscapes be stress free by keeping them as healthy as possible....proper watering and pruning, adequate fertilization, controlling frequent pests and diseases are all easy measures to keep our landscapes in top notch condition.

Canning, freezing and drying are all excellent ways of preserving that garden produce to enjoy this winter. Follow instructions completely to make your preserving experience a good and tasty one.

Am I the only one still trying to figure out a place to take vacation? We always seem to be too busy in the Spring and early Fall to take a week off and relax, but I think this year we may get a trip to Colorado to see my husband's two sisters and their families worked into our schedule. Looks like it will have to happen in early September or not at all.....I'll start packing NOW!

Enjoy the rest of summer and plan to do something fun with family and's never too late. SAFE TRAVELS TO YOU ALL!