Gardenland Hours

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Saturday:     8:00 am to 4:00 pm
   July 15 through March - please call for Saturday hours
Sunday:     Closed
Well here it is the middle of August and everything still looks so lush and green. Good for us! Usually the ditches are brown and they have fire warnings issued by now. So how did your gardens fare this year? I have to say I have great onions, better than I've ever had and the tomatoes are producing like crazy. My cucumbers did good at first but pooped out quickly. Guess I'll have to plant a later crop next year to keep us in cukes. My potatoes and beets did well also. I think I have to credit some of it from putting Muriate of Potash around the plants that produce underground. It is suppose to help any of those veggies and even bulbs like dahlias and glads. I wll have to remember to put in around my root crops again next year. Have you done your summer vacation thing yet? Us neither. We may go spend a day at the State Fair coming up and we talked about doing a few days in Southeast Nebraska near an old college buddy of Ken's. I'm attending a buyer's show in Rochester, MN September 8th & 9th so that blows the first week anyway. Well whatever you do the rest of summer enjoy it and be safe. As always "KEEP CALM AND PLANT ON".