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 Trying to get excited about Spring but it's hard when the wind is howling, temps in the teens and snow is blowing. At least the forecasters were wrong about the amount of snow we were suppose to get. I feel for the people out east and southeast.....they've really been getting hammered. The poor people that have to travel for their jobs....663 flights cancelled due to the weather in so many places. Oh and what about the people heading to warmer climates for vacation? Glad I don't have to worry about either of these problems. 

How are you at keeping organized and getting rid of clutter? I'm cleaning out files and trying to get organized here at work....what to throw and what to keep....what a decision. I need to do the same thing at home. It always seems that once I toss something I need it in less than a month. I guess if I haven't needed it, worn it, used it or moved it in a year it's time to toss it or give it to someone else.

Found out that our granddaugher, Lorelei, had strep throat and possibly Influenza A since last Friday. She went to daycare today so hopefully she gets better real soon and her little sister, Riley, or mom or dad don't get that crud. So much stuff is going around. I have sinus issues, but that's a year-round thing with me. I've heard several older people ending up in the hospital with pneumonia. Our new grandson, Crew Mitchell, is doing good and everyone at their house is healthy so far.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Congrats if you have the day off...enjoy. He was a truly inspirational leader and it's sad that he couldn't accomplish more of his ideals. "I have a dream" is an goal for all of us no matter our age or status in life.

Stay warm, stay positive, and stay healthy! Enjoy your January.

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