Gardenland Hours

Quite the weekend wouldn't you say? We got a healthy covering of ice, but no wind which was good. It's 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and the ice is still on the grass, trees and high line wires. At least the sun is shining nicely. Sounds like the rest of the week should be fairly nice weather. Needless to say we didn't have our Christmas this weekend with our daughters. The youngest daughter and her family got icing on Sunday a.m. in Lincoln, we got it mid to late afternoon Sunday and so did our oldest daughter and her family in Pierce. We just told them to all stay put. The grandkids don't care when they get to open presents so we'll plan on another weekend.

Who's all ready for the swearing in of Donald Trump as president and the Super Bowl? Poor Donald is getting so much grief he may be impeached before he ever gets into office. And as far as the Super Bowl I couldn't even tell you who's playing who. Personally I'd rather watch National Geographic when this two things are on. Oh I may watch the "Donald" but probably not the Super Bowl.

We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year ahead. Start planning your gardens now and make it easier on yourself come spring.