Gardenland Hours

Halloween is right around the corner and we have some cute terra cotta luminaries from Mexico that are in the shape of pumpkins and owls. Stop and check them out.

All our Fall bulbs are on sale for 25% off the regular price. We have alliums, crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, iris and tulips available. Get them in the ground this month for a beautiful garden next Spring.

We still have a good selection of trees and shrubs to pick from. Fall is a great time to plant because the plants are going into dormancy and will just be setting down roots and also the temperatures are cooler and moisture is not a problem. When planting a new tree it is a good idea to wrap the trunk with tree wrap for the winter to prevent sunscald and frost cracking. Sunscald happens on young trees whose bark is thin and not able to handle warming temperatures in the middle of Winter. Frost cracking happens on those warm Winter days when the sap starts up through the tree and then the temps drop severely at night and freezing pops the bark open on the trunk. If rabbits are a problem in your yard it is a good idea to put a chicken wire ring around the trunk of your newly planted tree to prevent them from gnawing at the bark. Tree wrap should be put on every winter until the bark becomes thicker(about 2 to 4 years depending on the species of tree). When Spring comes and buds appear you can remove the tree wrap. It is a good idea to leave the chicken wire ring on or put a ring of mulch around your tree to protect it from "weed whip blight" or "mower blight".

Thanksgiving doesn't get too much notice(not as much as Halloween or Christmas) this time of year, but let's all take a little time out to think about the many things we should be thankful, friends, home, jobs, and most of all our freedom. Don't forget to take time this year and go and VOTE. It is one of those freedoms we don't take seriously enough. "If you don't vote then you can't b****." This has been an interesting election year so far and no matter which way it goes it will definitely be a big change for all of us. Voting is still one way we have to voice our opinion of who should be in office.