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Gardenland Specials

Ash Wednesday is passed and the countdown to Easter is on. What, if anything, have you decided to give up for Lent? My goal is to try and cut down on sugar intake and snacking late in the day. We'll see how that goes! My father-in-law used to give up wearing yellow shoes and straw hats and eating watermelon. All great ideas if he'd owned either or you could find a good watermelon during Lent! It is good to try and meet a challenge for 40 days, because most of us are not that determined. It DOES take will power to meet those goals. Good luck in whatever you've decided to give up. We'll all need it!

Have you started thinking of what will go in your garden this year? Again, I encourage you to try at least one or two new vegetables or flowers to broaden your horizons on what's out there in healthy choices for your recipes. Sometimes we get in a rut and just use the same things over and over again because it's easy. I just read an article the other day about turnips and rutabagas and am thinking of trying a few. I do get tired of potatoes all the time. As they say "variety is the spice of life". And there's another thing to try! Some herbs in your selection.....a little mint, maybe some basils or even good ole dill. Always good options for some great flavors.

Now is a good time while the leaves are off the trees and you can see the structures of your woody ornamentals, to look at whether you need to prune or thin some branches from them. If there are dead, crossed or rubbing stems or limbs now would be the time to prune them out. If you have large trees that need some pruning it is a good idea to hire a licensed arborist.

Spring is getting closer so let's cross our fingers we don't get anything like out East has gotten between now and then. Stay warm!