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Gardenland Specials

WOW! 30's, 40's and 50's......we are lovin' the mid January warm up. We all appreciate a break from the bitter cold and it's nice it comes in January. Waiting to see what February and March will bring since we had all those fogs late last Fall. At least the days are getting a little longer and the sunny ones help too!

Are you all getting the itch to plant? Well, get those seed catalogs out and make your plans on what will go in your garden this year. Try at least one new flower or vegetable to see how green your thumb really is. Maybe you WILL like kale if you give it a try. At least growing your own food you know what's been done to it before you consume it. Store never know for sure!

While we have 40 and 50 degree temps it wouldn't hurt to pull the hose out and water those trees and shrubs, especially the ones that were planted late last summer or fall. Check for any pruning that may need to be done now, too. Broken or dead branches, branches growing toward the center of the tree, crisscrossing and rubbing branches, or double leaders should be pruned now in mid winter to avoid the tree from "bleeding" during the spring warm up. Too much sap leaking from the tree prune wound can stress a young tree and should be avoided if at all possible. Excessive pruning in one year should be avoided also. A little pruning each winter, if needed, on young trees will make for a better tree when it matures. Fruit trees should be pruned in late February or early March for best results.

If you need some color now indoors stop by and pick up an amaryllis bulb. We have several colors started and the bud stalks are starting to poke up quickly. They are fun to watch grow and bloom and are easy to care for once they are done blooming.

We're off to babysit the grand kids this weekend, so we hope we don't bring some "bug" back home with us as there is so much illness going around everywhere you never know. Remember wash those hands, wash those hands and wash them some more!

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do something fun on your time off.