Gardenland Hours

Well our new granddaughter, Riley Marie, arrived Monday, February 27th around 6:20 p.m. She weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces and she was 22 inches long. Our daughter, Becky, was induced on Monday morning and when things started to progress later in the day they had to do an emergency c-section because Riley's blood pressure plummeted. Dr. Vrbicky had to perform CPR on Riley and then she got life flighted to Children's Hospital in Omaha. She has been there for 11 days and is getting to come home today. We thank God and all the people who prayed for our little sweetheart, Riley. We sincerely hope she continues to grow and thrive. I just wonder what her big sister, Lorelei, will think of the new addition to their family.

We are starting on hanging baskets this week and will continue with those through the next week. We are getting somewhat organized for Spring with new signs in the greenhouses and supplies filling the shelves of the store. The sunny days make it quite enjoyable working out in the greenhouses. Plenty to do....just need more hours in our days. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night. Gosh I wish they'd keep the stupid time one way or the screws me up every time we have a change.

I'm feeling sorry for all the migratory birds that are totally confused with our screw-up weather. We are suppose to get snow tomorrow night into the weekend and I suppose those poor things will head back south AGAIN. I know I've had some excited people wanting to do all sorts of pruning and cleanup around their yards and I just keep telling them to just trim back any ornamental grasses and leave the rest of the flower beds alone. It's almost getting too late to prune trees as they will weep severely if there is a lot of cutting done on them now.  The best time to prune is in the middle of winter when you'll have the least amount of weeping or later into early summer when the weeping won't be so bad either.

We will be getting potatoes and onions in about the fourth week in March so that everyone can plant their taters on Good Friday. With the weather the way it's been you will probably be able to plant much earlier than that.

What did you give up for Lent? I'm going to try and give up pop, particularly my favorite, Cream Soda. It's a long 40 days when you can't have one of your favorite things, but it can be done.

Enjoy your March and let's hope for no more extreme weather for a long, long time. Happy kite flying everyone!