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 Well what else are we going to get? We've got heavy fog(less than a quarter of a block visibility), rain and lots and lots of melting snow. The Maple Creek right east of town is out of its banks and half way up the dike....things better get moving downstream! 

Spring is coming next week right? Oh, I guess that's just what the calendar says. We got our seed rack in so at least it feels a little more like Spring. Our 10" hanging baskets and 4" pots are looking great, but I think they'd enjoy a little more sun. When was the last time we had a week of sun? It's been so long I can't remember.

It's slowly warming up, so Bluebird is starting to ship out wholesale orders across the country. Will this be the end of winter? Our home electric bill for the last month was as high as it's ever been. Guess I need to wear more layers at home. Hope we have a nice long Spring before the hot weather hits. I'll take hot over cold weather any day.

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Usually we just have corned beef and cabbage somewhere. Wisner and O'Neill usually have huge celebrations and parades. We've never been to them, but they do sound like a lot of fun.

Easter is right around the corner. Easter lilies are in short supply around the country, but we have enough ordered for our area churches. With Easter being late this year I hope we can wear spring clothes and not long underwear for sunrise services. I have to start stocking up on Easter items for the grandkids....stuffed animals, candy, stickers, etc. Gosh candy sure has gotten expensive hasn't it?

We hope that you have a blessed Easter and are able to spend time with family and friends. Let's all enjoy the blessing we've received from God...his saving grace.

           T H I N K  S P R I N G !

                                                                            Deb Karel and the staff of Gardenland - the retail division of Bluebird Nursery, Inc.