Gardenland Hours

Monday - Friday:      8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday:   8:00AM to 4:00PM
   July 15 through March - please call for Saturday hours
Sunday:   1:00PM to 5:00PM (April through June)

Gardenland Specials

Well, Spring has sprung! And NOW we get snow! Crazy weather lately. AND influenza A, B or whatever......had it Saturday through Wednesday.....DON'T want that ever again! My sympathies to anyone has had it or is suffering through it right now.

We have onions, potatoes and garden seeds in, so hurry in for the best selection.

Easter lilies are coming in today. Next week will be busy with deliveries to churches around the community.

Alumni basketball and volleyball is on in Clarkson this weekend. Good times for everyone involved. We are having our Easter this weekend, since Liz and the kiddos are coming for Liz to play in the tournaments. Becky and Tom are coming down to watch Liz play and help grandpa and I watch the munchkins. Dyeing eggs, Easter egg hunts and lots of play are being planned. Oh and, of course, lots of food, too! Fun times always when family is all home.

Hope you have great things planned for Easter, whether it be with family or friends. The weather should actually be decent by next weekend so that everyone can wear those Easter bonnets and dresses in comfort. Have a great Easter and Spring!