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Winter is back again? It seems strange to look out this morning, April 14th, and see snow covered ground. Will Spring ever actually be here? Saturday we had people in shorts and today I believe it's probably long underwear everyone is looking for.....CRAZY Nebraska weather or should I say Midwest weather. We're not the only ones with crappy weather conditions.

Easter lilies and mums are in for Easter and it looks like we'll need a few warm days for any buds to be open on the Easter lilies....big surprise. Hope we get some sun soon.

The greenhouses are filling up with plants, but no customers. Please Mother Nature let the weather straighten out so people will feel like planting something!

What are your plans for Easter? I plan on having my side for Easter on Saturday night and Ken's sister, Linda, will be having Easter Sunday 1:00 dinner for his side. Yeah, great food all weekend.....gotta love it! Have yourselves a blessed Easter no matter what you do for it.

Now that we got some moisture it wouldn't be a bad idea to throw some grass seed in those bare lawn spots if you have any. Hopefully warm weather will get it to sprout and fill out before hot weather hits.

This week would be good weather to put in your cole crops like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kohlrabi. Also radishes and peas. Don't forget to get your potatoes in on Good Friday.

If you're thinking of dethatching your lawn I would probably wait a few more weeks and you may pull out alot of crowns with this moist weather or expose the crowns to some chilly temps this week yet, which could do some damage to your grass. Also wait with pre-emergent crabgrass preventer as the temps are still pretty chilly for it to do any good.

Happy Easter to you all! Have a great Spring ahead!