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   July 15 through March - please call for Saturday hours
Sunday:   1:00PM to 5:00PM (April through June)

Gardenland Specials

Have you planted some new trees this year? If so, it would be a good idea to wrap those trunks with tree wrap once all the leaves have fallen off. New trees are thin barked and in the winter time, if there is a warm spell, they could suffer from sun scald, which cracks the bark and can cause serious damage to your young trees. Tree wrap comes in brown tar paper-like material or white fiber. You start at the bottom and as you wrap it around the tree you overlap the last layer until you get to the bottom branch of your tree. You can tie it up using stretch tie or old pantyhose. Once the tree starts to bud in the spring the tree wrap should be removed. Wrapping should be done for 3 to 5 years or until the tree establishes a thicker bark.

We still have a great selection of Fall bulbs to choose from. Choose from 3 varieties of alliums, 2 of crocus, 4 daffodils, 2 fritillarias, 2 hyacinths, 12 iris, and 17 tulip varieties. In the tulip varieties there are dwarf, double, fringed, lily and single to choose from. And the best part is....they are all 20% off the regular price. AND on Wednesdays all during October we have a Wacky Wednesday special of 10% more off if you buy $20 in fall bulbs. Hurry in for the best selection! It seems like every year we have someone come in April and May and want to buy tulip bulbs......they have to be planted in the Fall! Just trying to keep new gardeners up to speed on when certain plants and bulbs need to be planted for optimum success in growing them.

With our strange weather the last few years we strongly suggest making sure all your landscape plants are thoroughly watered before the first hard killing frost this fall. It wasn't just the winter dryness that killed plant material, but the drought in 2012 that had ill effects on quite a few species of plants this year. Stress does strange things to plants as well as people, so let's try and help our landscapes be stress free by keeping them as healthy as possible....proper watering and pruning, adequate fertilization, controlling frequent pests and diseases are all easy measures to keep our landscapes in top notch condition.

Now is the time to be grinding those leaves and grass and putting on your garden to be worked in like a fall compost. They're free, they're full of nutrients and pretty much everyone's got them available. Why not take advantage of Mother Nature's fertilizer?

For some indoor gardening, we got in two types of amaryllis bulbs, one dark red and a double pink, to try your hand at. The bulbs are HUGE and cost $18.95 each. If you've never tried amaryllis, come and give one a try. We also have other varieties of amaryllis potted up if you're not sure you can get one started.

Get out and enjoy the wonderful October weather. Who knows how long this will last before Winter is upon us. Happy Halloween to all you spooks and goblins!